Transportation planning at SNP

Transportation planning is performed through several modules at APO. Each of the modules have specialised tasks regarding constraints and costs. Constraints are necessary for feasible planning and, costs are necessary for optimal planning. SAP APO is able to provide for different business scenarios. The business requirements have been summarised in three groups:  

1) Complex distribution network between vendors, distribution centres, several warehouses, means of transport, and vendor managed inventory: the main requirements are a transportation plan with capacity constraints, optimal route selection (loading means of transport) and optimal stock level consideration during transports. 

2) Distribution network: several warehouses, means of transport, and alternative routes for transportation. 

3) Simple distribution network: single routes for transportation to warehouses


Complex distribution network with vendors

SAP offers web based screens for vendors. Vendors can manage their inventory and upload their replenishment quantities on the SAP systems. The APO/Deployment module provides this option to users.  Co-operation with vendors is very important to ensure good results after the deployment run. Safety stock levels and maximum stock levels are taken into account during deployment planning. 

Route selection is another planning task for the transportation plan. TP/VS or Transportation Management modules provides route selection options. Optimal route selection uses costs to find the optimal solution. 

The loading of transport with capacity constraints is important for any transportation plan, for example, loading trucks with weight constraints or two dimensional sizing can be considered. APO does not support 3D loading constraints. 

Distribution network 

Stock transfer requisitions (STR) are created by SNP.  STR convert the stock transfer orders  taking into account the target stock levels of warehouses. 

Simple distribution network

The deployment module is not necessary for this scenario. Creation of a transportation plan with capacity constraints is generated by SNP. This module transfers to SAP-ERP through CIF. 

There are several modules in SAP-APO to facilitate different business requirements. Integration with other SAP modules and collaboration with partners in your supply chain is the key point for transportation planning.