SNP Cost Report

The most critical part of the SNP optimization implementations are SNP cost. The quality of the SNP optimizer is directly affected by costs. The SNP optimizer considers several types of costs such as:

Customers who are in need of the following will need a SNP Costing Report:

  • planning with APO SNP optimizer
  • planning with cost minimization or profit maximization
  • balancing several types of relevant planning cost with their supply chain model
  • analyzing complex results of SNP optimizer from cost point of view
  • planning with several production levels or planning locations  

How SNP costing report helps customers:

  • Report can be generated for each SNP optimizer run
  • Easy to customize report
  • Results are transferred to BW
  • Runs on SAP ABAP technology
  • Report generated based on planning buckets
  • Can be executed on background or foreground

Advantages of this report:

  • Transparency of optimizer results (getting key planning decisions) 
  • Get actions to correct master data and costs
  • Relationships are generated between materials and SNP costs
  • Generating management/planning reports based on SNP optimizer results

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