The key points of the APO SNP optimizer implementations of every project are master data and SNP costs.

Ninety nine percent of the correct master data is not enough for a successful SNP optimization run. Optimizer tools like the SNP optimizer can produce unexpected and incorrect results as a result of any undetectable incorrect master data. Business experts or consultants spend too much time finding the incorrect value in a huge amount of master data. Another difficulty faced is the company’s master data changed and updated by several different departments. Data is live like the company. When the SNP optimizer is executed based on live master data, it is obvious that the SNP optimizer will find any master data error that cannot be caught by master data experts. The Master data management tool highlights errors and warnings of master data and it is easy to navigate the relevant master data with help of this tool. It is possible to see the relation between materials from procurement to finished product on the master data management tool. An output of this tool is that the correct master date can just be transferred to the SNP optimizer. The master data for the SNP optimizer will be %100 correct with help of this tool. 

If the supply chain planning design contains decision points based on SNP costs, cost values should be defined or taken from external sources very carefully. Any incorrect costing can affect very important decisions for the SNP optimizer. Analysing the SNP optimizer results may be possible on the test data but it is almost impossible to make a proper analysis of complex master data structures with several type of SNP costs. The SNP cost report provides very useful information about cost of materials for each bucket based on the SNP optimizer result. It is possible to see the relation between fulfilment/unfulfilled demands and costs. It is very easy to answer such questions with the help of the SNP cost report: "Why the SNP optimizer selected any production version?" or "Why one of the products fulfilled is and another not?"    

In addition integration solutions exist between Characteristic Dependent Planning (CDP-Variant configuration) and SNP planning. The standard SAP functionality does not support CDP functionalities. This solution can assist with the running of SNP planning with CDP functionalities.    

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